CalAmp Radios

CalAmp provides communications solutions that enable anytime/anywhere wireless access to mission-critical data and content. The Company serves customers in the public safety, industrial monitoring and controls, mobile resource management, public utilities, and direct broadcast satellite markets. The Company’s products are marketed under the CalAmp, Dataradio, SmartLink, Aercept, LandCell and Omega trade names.

CalAmp is a pioneer of wireless RF products for mission critical data communication. A recognized and innovative supplier of advanced wireless data products and systems for mission-critical applications in Public safety organizations, utilities, local government, water management, and other critical infrastructure environments, Dataradio manufactures a portfolio of high performance wireless RF products for licensed and unlicensed spectrum in fixed and mobile wireless data communication.

The products include the new Viper SC and Phantom radios as well as their legacy Integra-TR,
T96-SR, TSLM, DL3400, and JSLM-2 radios.

Viper SC

ViPRThe CalAmp Viper SC delivers now long range communications and an Ethernet/IP solution. You now no longer have to choose between them. With 128 AES Encryption the Viper SC delivers up to 128 kbps over a long range licensed channel. Using a Software Defined Radio, the Viper SC is programmable for a 50, 25, 12.5, or 6.25 khz channel. All configuration and programming is done via the embedded web server. Over the air firmware upgrades, and RoHS compliance ensure that your investment today is protected well into the future.

Some of the key features of the Viper SC radio are:

  • UHF, VHF, 900 MAS channel - and now 220 MHz spectrum.
  • 1-10W continuous duty, software selectable
  • 10-30VDC operation
  • 128 AES encryption
  • On/Off-line diagnostics for network health and status
  • Simultaneous communication via RS232 and IP/Ethernet port
  • Configures as bridge or router
  • Store-and-forward capability for easy network expansion
  • Mesh networking/neighbor discovery

Phantom II

The Phantom II is a license-free 902-928 ISM band radio delivering wireless connectivity between Ethernet/IP and serial devices. The Phantom II offers extraordinary data throughput up to 512kbps for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. Typical uses include Ethernet bridging, IP routing, SCADA networks, and other industrial automation or data collection applications.

ViPRPhantom II can provide connectivity between an Ethernet or serial base station and multiple remote devices, or it can function as a high-speed, transparent bridge between two Ethernet networks. Highly complex networks are easily achieved using Phantom II as an IP router. The patented Parallel Decode® with dual receivers and Smart Combining work to counter the effects of multipath resulting in greater sensitivity and more efficient use of available bandwidth and better coverage over an extended range.

Key features include:

  • Phantom II offers the best combination of range and speed
  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces simplify deployment and ease technology migration
  • Route redundancy allows users to plot an alternative path back to the master site
  • Single device configuration as Master, Remote, Bridge, Router, or Repeater
  • Supports both fixed and portable devices
  • Parallel Decode with dual receivers and Smart Combining increase trhoughput and offer resistance in multipath environments
  • 10-30 VDC wide range power supply or Power over Ethernet
  • 128 AES Encryption

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Calamp Vanguard5530

New Broadband 4G LTE Cellular Router

Single Gas

ONE RUGGED DEVICE. CLOUD READY. APPLICATION ENABLED. The CalAmp Vanguard 5530 offers an all-in-one mobile communications solution for industrial, utility, transportation and enterprise applications. This multi-function cellular router features high-speed, secure LTE broadband wireless connectivity in a rugged industrial design, with optional WiFi and high-precision GPS for mobile applications.

The Vanguard 5530 offers the fastest cellular broadband technology integrated with extensive routing capability, delivering robust connectivity and secure high speed data transfer for a broad array of devices and applications. This ready-to-deploy broadband router enables wireless data connectivity for up to two LANs and one serial device over public cellular networks at 4G speeds with strong, Enterprise-grade security (IPSec, VPN, WPA-2) to protect against external threats.