MOSCAD/MOSCAD-L Basic Maintenance Class Syllabus

RTU Basic Maintenance Training (2.5 days) Accommodates up to 8 students. Computers are not provide by GDSI and must be supplied by the students.

Course Objectives

  1. Provide students with an understanding of the Motorola SCADA product and its capabilities.
  2. Give the students the ability to Download Site Configurations, Application, Network Configuration, and Flash Programs.
  3. Instruct the student on the use of maintenance features within the Motorola Programming Software.
  4. Instruct students on various hardware tests and calibration for I/O modules.
  5. Provide instruction on the site configuration of individual RTU's.
  6. Provide instruction on the use system network configurations.
  7. Instruct students on the uses of Process and Database monitoring within the application programmer.
  8. Give the students the ability to troubleshoot hardware down to the module level.
  9. Provide training on troubleshooting conventional Radio communications with the RTU equipment.

NOTE: This is a Maintenance class. In-depth ladder logic programming is not covered in this class

Maintenance and Service Class Outline

  1. Typical Applications
  2. Discussion on uses of the Motorola SCADA equipment
  3. Communication Media
    1. Radio
    2. Other Media
  4. RTU Nomenclature and structure
    1. CPU to Power Sources
  5. I/O Modules Details
    1. Digital Module
    2. Analog Modules
    3. Specialty Modules
  6. Toolbox Operation
    1. Installation / Setup
    2. Site Configuration
    3. Application Programs
    4. Networking
    5. Hardware Diagnostics
    6. Software Diagnostics
  7. Radio Communication tests and diagnostics
    1. Check Forward / Reflected Power
    2. Check Modulation / Deviation
    3. Check Receive Sensitivity

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